Sheri Ballard

Sheri is a faculty member for our Travel Consultant Certificate Course and our Time Management Certificate Course.

She is originally from Canada and has been in sales and marketing in both corporate and not-for-profit sectors with high profile companies in a variety of industries from “Barbies to blood services”, and also in event management. She started her own travel company with a business partner after spending a year on the road touring the national parks and wilderness of Western Canada and the United States. After many years in the travel business, she decided to sell the company and pursue a different career. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Education – Training and Development, and moved to Prague, Czech Republic to write her thesis.

Currently, she is teaching at a state university, focusing on Business Communication and time management for students. Sheri also teaches English in various businesses and her students are from many nationalities. She also runs workshops on adapting to life abroad, and intensive English for presentations and business. She is a mentor to many of her students in pursuing their goals.

An avid explorer, she has visited over 35 countries (and still going) as an independent traveler. Her love of different cultures has led her to live in 4 countries and 15 places, so far. She is passionate about travel, culture connections, cultural anthropology, maps, hiking and most other outdoor sports. Weekends find her hiking with her dogs in the forests in and around Prague, planning her next adventure or meeting international friends and new people. She has two sons who live in western Colorado, USA.