Gilda Mulero

Gilda Mulero is an avid yogi and a proud graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts Chef Training Program in New York City. Adept in natural foods, which highlights seasonal, wholesome organic ingredients free of artificial additives, with an emphasis of nutritious and well-balanced meals. Healthy cuisine does not have to imply bland and boring food. As a baking enthusiast, I specialize in converting traditional baked treats into healthier and whole grain alternatives; as well, as a fan of the little ones, my specialty is adapting adult recipes into fun and nourishing fare for kids. I am also versed in Diabetic and Ayurvedic cooking. My other passion is to prepare people for culinary success with my Kitchen Detox and Pantry Makeover; I have efficiently organized many kitchens throughout NYC. Visit my website at