Evgeny Matyukhin

Evgeny Matyukhin, was born and raised in Russia and moved to Canada in 2010. His passion for chemistry in high school defined his future and he graduated from a Technological University with a brewing major. Working a couple of months at one of the biggest, state-of-the-art breweries in Russia, then after graduating accepted a brewing operator position at Yarpivo Bewery, which was the beginning of his career as a professional brewer. Being promoted along the way to the Brewing Team Leader position and later to a Leading Beverage Technology Engineer position, his focus was on improving product quality and maintaining operations within the department.

Evgeny has worked for several big name breweries during his career assuming many different roles as operator, technology engineer, team leader and department head.
In 2008, Evgeny took a brewmaster certificate program at the VLB institute in Berlin expanding his knowledge in brewing.

Evgeny believes the brewing business has shaped him as a specialist and a person who is greatly passionate and knowledgeable about brewing. The industry is so vibrant and fast-growing that there is always a room for an ongoing growth and development.