Reviews From IAP Career College Graduates



Cynthia Conley – Pismo Beach, California USA:

I love your program! IAP Career College has made it easy to begin my new career as an International Protocol and Image Consultant. I was so impressed by how much information was included in the Etiquette Consultant Course and at such an economical price. I received the same in depth information — not only on the course subject, but on how to apply it to opening my own business — as programs that were offered by other institutions for thousands of dollars more. The advisors’ support and knowledge are top notch. I was so impressed and felt so confident upon completion of my studies that I purchased two more courses. I recommend anyone to explore their dreams and achieve their goals with the help of IAP Career College. You will not be disappointed!

Mr. Aimé Bikina – Toronto, Ontario Canada:

I took a Motivational Speaker course with IAP College in June. My goal was to add a motivational speaking skill to my cinematographer background. It was a great experience, even though I’m still learning English (I’m French). This course helped me to have a deep understanding of motivational speaking, which can be applied to many different jobs, even movie creators. Now I’m able to teach people by creating self-help, motivational and inspirational courses online. It’s also helped me create and register my business and launch my website, It’s one thing to want to help people, but to be able to do it the right way is another thing. With IAP I have been able to understand the difference and make my way through, thanks to the book and my faculty member. She has been very helpful! In one course, IAP College helped me to get a new skill, launch a new business and learn English as well. The most impressive thing is that I learned all of this in one month!!! I think what separates us from our dreams is knowledge… and IAP College is the best way to get it in no time!!! testimonial-aime2

Erick Aguilar – San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León Mexico:

Thanks to the IAP Career College Course I’m taking, I can now feel confident that I am able to do what I love the most. It gave me not only the basics needed to know how to start a career in the field, but it also gave me the tools needed to create outstanding work. I have definitely felt this is more than a course; it is the chance to start doing what you love.

Susan Stephens – New York City, New York USA:

I wanted to attend a traditional school, but I could not afford to do so because I am a stay at home mom. Your online course had the most to offer and included the tools I needed, so I registered. I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to the entire team at the IAP Career College for helping me through. I now have my own business and I am building my dream. Thank you so much again.

Fenny Franciska – Indonesia:

I wanted to learn more about jewelry design abroad (because there is not any jewelry design course in Indonesia), but I can’t leave my job here. So I searched online and found some institutions offering jewelry design programs from certificates to diplomas. As an education consultant, I know how to choose the institution which fits my needs. I compared the syllabus, fees, and advantages I would get and found that IAP Career College is THE BEST OPTION! Yes, IAP has more affordable tuition fees than others but the course is not ‘cheap’. It has excellent course material and excellent faculty member service. I spent my weekends studying, took my exam online and now I am so proud to show my certificate as a Professional Jewelry Designer. Trust me, IAP will help you learn and get your dream career soon! My second course is on the way ❤.

Shirley Jusino – New York, USA:

After completing the Personal Assistant course, I will be starting a new position as a House Manager for a company that’s called “Hello Alfred”. Jan R. Riddell has been a great help as the faculty member that has been in contact with me. I would highly recommend this course and believe that I got the job at Hello Alfred because I’m taking this course.

Ravyn Moore – San Antonio, Texas USA:

I want to start by simply saying thank you, thank you, thank you. In taking the Makeup Artist Course I was able to take the first step in having the career that I always dreamed of having, instead of staying stuck in the constant rut of fast food or seasonal jobs. I know this is a long road and this is only the first step, but I still feel a sense of great joy and accomplishment at just starting on this journey and IAP college was what gave me a nudge into not just talking about a career change but taking the steps to make it happen. So thank you all at IAP career college keep me in your thoughts always as I reach for success and make my dreams a reality that I love getting up in the morning to pursue.

Katherine Blackler, London, UK, Founder of SortMySpace:


I will be honest, (possibly because I’m outside the USA that I hadn’t heard of IAP college), but I had thought IAP might be offering a bit of a lightweight course as it was so cheap. However the professional organising course has been an incredibly thorough grounding for me starting up my new business. Other professional organisers I’m now meeting comment how well progressed and confident I am in this field especially only a couple of months in. I think your course must be a significant contributor to that progressive mindset! So thank you! I’ve been genuinely and pleasantly surprised at what I received for the money.”

Rupa Baijnauth – Brooklyn, New York USA:

I believe the fastest way to change the world is to grow yourself. I have always envisioned myself as a leader, someone capable of making a difference. Thank you IAP for giving me the opportunity to realize that dream. I always dreamt of being certified as a Motivational Speaker and you have given me the opportunity. I am happy that I chose IAP Career College for my course. I recommend this college to anyone seeking advancement, be it as a student or a professional. The distance learning initiative was one that I appreciated greatly, as it allowed me to complete the course at my own pace.

Sudhir Vahal – Pune, Maharashtra India:

I joined your course with the hope of improving my prospects and starting my own consultancy firm in the later part of my life. I have experience selling industrial products, not only in India but also in Southeast Asia, China and the United States. I also launched two U.S. products in India. When I joined your course, I thought I would get very little help since I already have 37 years of experience, but once I started going through the course material I was astonished at the details that we miss in daily life and the work process. I started using a few steps in my current job and I found that there is so much to implement in my current job itself, like problem solving, how to create more reach in the market, how to use core group thinking, feedback techniques from analysing data and putting data to use. I refer to the course material every now and then to see what more I can get.

Andrea Foy – Trotwood, Ohio USA:

I enjoyed the opportunity to work at my own pace with my online certification of an Image Consultant. The FabJob book series are wonderful and I have read several. That is why I jumped at the chance to get a certification with the book as the textbook. I already trusted the information. The test was easy to take online and I got an immediate score so that was good as well. I am using the information in my speeches on Image to groups, I have not started a ‘business’ as of yet, but the info was valuable.

Dr. Katarzyna Greco – Vienna, Austria:

Thanks to the great training book, course outline and training questions made available through the IAP Career College, I was finally able to not only increase my knowledge about motivational keynote speaking itself, but really get clear guidance on all aspects that matter, including which materials I need to prepare and whom I should market to. The course provided clear and precise, simple steps to follow while providing in-depth information. I was able to clearly understand how I want to plan my professional career as a keynote speaker, set goals and take the first steps. It was inspiring, instructive and motivating! Thank you IAP!

Zeni Pradel – Miami, Florida USA:

I am so glad to have come across this career institution while searching for a certification in Party Planning. I chose to do the Party Planner Certificate course in the hopes of learning more things in the party business since I do a lot of children’s party and baby showers. Little did I know that I would learn so much from this course and expand my business to Wedding Planning as well. I will definitely be back for more training in this industry as these courses are putting me closer in pursuing my dream in working full time as a Party/Wedding Planner!

Oluwaseun Winsala – Lagos, Nigeria:

I found IAP career college offers a range of “unconventional” courses that are hard to find online. I have a day job so don’t have the liberty of sitting in a class to study. I was able to move at my own pace and feel fulfilled with what I have learnt from them. Not to forget to mention that the tuition fee is a bargain! I have applied the principles that I learnt starting with myself then my family and friends. My mum was my first client. I groomed her for a dinner and she was the toast of the event. I plan to take further courses to enhance the knowledge I have garnered in image management. Keep up the good work.

Sophia Huggins – New York City, New York USA:

IAP Career College is full of dreams, I don’t know exactly how else to describe this educational institution. Offering training in fields that are out of the ordinary yet relevant in more ways than one in today’s society. Thank you to the entire team at the IAP Career College; I am honored to have successfully completed my Etiquette Consultant course, and would recommend IAP Career College to anyone thinking of perusing a non-traditional career path.

Corita Saunders – Warwick, Bermuda:

I am so excited about the fact that IAP offers an online course that I can study and complete at my own leisure. Surprisingly, the course is thorough, with comprehensive information, and it provides an abundance of resources and references for further reading. In addition, it’s inexpensive compared to other etiquette courses. In these challenging economic times, it is prudent to find something that is cost effective and meets your needs. The benefits are already beginning to pay off, as I feel self satisfaction in achieving one of my goals of becoming a professional etiquette consultant. This will go a long way in enhancing my degree qualification –it’s like icing on the cake. I cannot wait to start my business and help others to become self-confident and lead successful, enriched lives.

Nancy Morton – Troy, North Carolina USA:

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Catering course. I am an instructor at a small college and began a certificate program for incarcerated women looking to improve their “lot” when released. I teach the NC REAL portion and for those not familiar with this course, it teaches folks how to write their own business plan, look for funding, and market their business (which just happens to be Catering). I know about writing a business plan, but not much about the catering business. Enter IAP – thank you so much. It has helped me tremendously teaching the NC REAL for catering. Who know, I may even start my own catering business!

Karen Medford – Carlsenfield, Chaguanas Trinidad:

I am so glad for the opportunity to thank IAP College for a wonderful online experience. I never thought it would be so easy and interesting to study online but IAP just made that a breeze. Everything was done on time, and access to work material and assistance was always available.
I have been involved in events and I discovered that I loved it so I wanted to get certified. Now, I am so happy and proud I chose IAP College. With the knowledge I received, I am now planning events with more confidence at work and I am about to start my own business in children’s party events. I am looking forward to doing more courses with IAP – it’s really affordable.

Charlene Cooper – Gardena, California USA:

I want to thank the founders of the IAP Career College and, particularly, the creators of the Personal Concierge course for sharing their knowledge.​ When I first discovered IAP Career College, I had not even launched my business yet – I was still in the building phase. In fact, I hadn’t even made the decision to go ‘whole-hog’ into the Personal Concierge industry yet – I was still leaning more towards the strictly Virtual Assistant field, but I bookmarked the site because I knew that I would be needing to take one of its’ courses one day. It is really hard to get one’s foot in any door, but it is especially difficult when one has to prove that they can do a job that they haven’t really done before. Now, I have a leg-up in that regard. Thanks to you all I, not only have a meaningful certificate of completion and a seal of membership to display on my website and brochures, but I also have more of the knowledge necessary to successfully run my business. (I even mention in my Letters of Introduction that I have a certificate and am a member of the association.) Thanks again!”

Fabiola Cattaneo – Milano, Italy:

Thanks to IAP Career College, I can have a “plus” on my CV. Now I can even teach my colleagues and trainee flight attendants about etiquette and how to interact with VIP customers. Thanks to IAP College, my company doesn’t call outside etiquette consultants but refers to me. Also, many other service agencies refer to me when they have to organize etiquette courses. I’m also a consultant for a wedding planner agency. I am proud to be an IAP College graduate, because this helps me in my career and with my company.

Donnette Anglin – New York, USA:

I knew from a very young age that I had a passion for decorating and so I became interested in any source that could give me the inspiration in this direction. One day while browsing the internet, I came across the FabJob Guide to become an Interior Decorator and was very fascinated by the excerpt of the book and decided on its purchase. So when I got a special offer from the IAP Career College to enroll in the Certificate Course – Interior Decorator, It was exactly what I needed. I wanted to learn more and be certified. The online coursework was convenient as I was able to study in my own time and own pace. The reading material was clear and required little supervision and Tutor support was exceptional whenever it was needed. The course provided me with the foundation, skills and qualification in becoming a professional Interior Decorator. I have since developed the confidence in not just doing my personal home decor but have been successful in numerous paid contracts for my service as an Interior Decorator. I am now earning extra income from something I find so much pleasure and rewards doing and is seriously considering a change in my career. Thank you IAP Career College. Your seal of certification has made a big difference to my life.

Bernardo Garcia – Mission, Texas USA:

I took the course as a Motivational Speaker and I very excited and pleased with IAP Career College. I been an insurance agent for more than 26 years and I always had the dream to help others in their personal life and professional fields. I have been helping people and the feeling is amazing and the results are great, thanks to IAP Career College. I made my dream come true and I am now helping others as well.

Marina Deestan-Jones – Crewe, Cheshire, England:

My business is Voice, Communication and Confidence Training and to reinforce some of the work I do with clients I enrolled in the Etiquette Course. Excellent from the outset, the course is certainly helping me to widen my professional portfolio and it is lovely to add an IAP qualification to my experience. From initial purchase to receiving the qualifying certificate, IAP delivered exactly what was promised. Course material was thorough and well-presented and the tutorial facility was efficient and helpful. Response to email enquiries was prompt and courteous. It really is delightful and refreshing to find efficiency, value for money and such good will in one package and I would certainly consider other IAP Courses in the future.

Cristela Amaya – Davenport, Florida USA:

I am fully engaged with this Professional Organizing Course. I am almost finishing the book and at the same time I am taking my own home as my personal project. I am organizing the pantry, bathrooms, garage, home office, closets, laundry. I mean I am taking this very serious and enjoy a lot because the material is so easy to follow up and actually I am enjoying this career. I can send pictures before and after the whole clutter and I have realized the importance of having less items at home . The less the better and the easy to organize everything. My next step is to organize my Family File which I am planning to finish by 3rd week of October but the home itself I want it to finish this coming weekend. Enjoy and recommend this course to everybody who wants to make their life easy and wants to help others.

Sherry Wong – Singapore:

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to IAP Career College for offering the certificate program. It really gave me more knowledge and tips for career advancement and gave me the opportunity to be closer to my dreams. I love the flexibility to learn the modules at my own pace. I will highly recommend the courses offered by IAP Career College to those who wish to learn more about the various industries and those who need guidance to begin a business venture.

Olga Bugrova – Calgary, Alberta Canada:

The course is absolutely brilliant; it gives you an opportunity to get into the field of your choice quickly and professionally, while being very affordable compared to other courses out there. The course outline was really concise and right to the point, and gave you enough time to complete the course at your convenience so you could plan things in your life without sacrificing your time. You study on your leisure time, and the book was interesting to read. I am now thinking about taking another course on etiquette and am looking forward to it.

Heather Pearman – Bronx, New York USA:

I was so grateful to find IAP Career College to help me begin the career that I was really meant to do. The course was power packed with the information and tools that I need to start my company and to begin my career with confidence. Thank you IAP for creating the courses that help people to live their life purpose.

Ioana Luca, Timisoara, Timis, Romania:

I just finished the Personal Assistant Certificate Course and wanted to send you my testimonial. I want to thank everyone at IAP Career College for creating such a great Personal Assistant Course. It was very useful and I learned a lot of things that I am sure will help me a lot in my future career and even in my personal life. You are definitely on my preferred list when choosing ways to improve my skills and gain more knowledge.

Agatha Engadu – Kampala, Uganda:

Thank you and the entire team at the IAP career college for the great work. You give people like me an opportunity to do what we love with the credentials that make us proud of what we do. I stand taller now with pride. I am a very happy graduate with hands on training that is helping me build my career. I will be taking many more courses to empower me further in my work. I am proud to refer to myself as a graduate of IAP career college when meeting my clients.

Nicole Burney – Saint Petersburg, Florida USA:

Before I started your college, I was very discouraged with the position I found myself in. I had little hope of leaving a dead beat job and working for a degree seemed to become more and more impossible. Then one day I decided to dream again, I started thinking about how life would be if I was truly doing something that made me happy. It was then that I came across IAP and begin studying Etiquette Consulting. I must admit it was a little intimidating but I soon begin to enjoy what I was studying. IAP College gave me a chance to dream again without breaking the bank! I am now a business owner and consultant that specialize in children’s etiquette, and I could not be happier. Thank You IAP Staff.

Modupe Aguda – Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria:

I want to say a big thank you to IAP College for the great opportunity to become a professional Etiquette Consultant. I had intended to take this course with another school but it was too expensive for me. Since I couldn’t afford the cost, I started searching for another way to improve myself and get trained for this career. Then I purchased the FabJob guide, and that was all the contact I needed. ‎I got information about the course and I grabbed it! Today, I’m a professional Etiquette Consultant, thanks to IAP College! I still plan to take more courses with IAP College. God bless you all.

Julie Bockarie – Bowie, Maryland USA:

IAP’s Event Management Course has been of tremendous help to me. As an Event Planner trying to establish an event management business, this training has been an eye opener. I have learned a lot about how to move the business forward, and about how to create check lists and a budget. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Alim Somani, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada:

The Human Resources Consultant program has taught me everything I need to know about the consultant part of HR. The text books that are given with the program are great resources and give you many examples of situations you might find yourself in and how to deal with them. I recommend this program to anyone who would like to become a Human Resources Consultant.

Jerry Aunt Khaing – Stafford, Texas USA:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the great opportunity to take the Business Consultant Certificate Course. I managed to complete the course successfully mainly because of the very simple and effective course structure laid down for us. After each and every section and after learning the materials provided in the book (IAP Career College Guide to Become a Business Consultant), there was a pool of questions to test your knowledge and ways of thinking and interpretation. The structure of the course and the questions after each section are powerful enough to make you become a Business Consultant — if you really read, study, analyze, interpret, practice and apply the skills in the real world. The Certificate that I earned is now standing proudly on top of my bookcase beside my table in my office. Credentials are effective to some extent in expressing the experience, learning, knowledge and the value of a person who owns the credentials. However, even more valuable are the knowledge, skills, formats, methods and techniques that were passed on, transferred and implanted in me by the Business Consultant Certificate Course from the International Association of Professions Career College. As a result, now I have started a career as a Business Consultant after completing the course and within a short period of time I am proud to say that a total of three clients have engaged me for consultancy. All in all, the Business Consultant Certificate Course from your great International Association of Professions Career College has really made us good practicing Business Consultants and we are proud to mention it to anyone that comes across our way.

Chelsea Barrett:

Taking the Image Consultant course has been such a great investment. I was able to apply the information learned in the very first week. The course allowed me to build on my existing knowledge and skills and formulate a professional structure for conducting consultations and setting up my business. Additionally, my assigned staff member provided a wealth of information and inspiration. Thank you IAP!

Celine Champagne – Toronto, Ontario Canada:

Since a few years ago, I was a Professional Makeup Artist and worked for several beauty companies in Montreal and Toronto. I always wanted to increase my professional profile, get more perspective about my career and become a professional Image Consultant, but I felt that time and money were always against me. Then a friend of mine informed me about IAP Career College—that was exactly the answer for all of my obstacles!! IAP Career College gave me the opportunity to increase my skills in order to promote myself and accomplish my professional goals in a matter of time. That’s not all—I’ve also learned how to manage my time successfully, work on my organizational skills, and develop my own image. It didn’t just help me in my professional life, but also in my personal life with my confidence and self-esteem. I definitely recommend IAP Career College to anybody who wants to make a difference in their professional life. Although you are learning at home, you are never alone. Every week, you have the opportunity to test your new knowledge and learn about your strengths and weaknesses. The course will prepare you very well for the final exam. Every single time I had questions, I always received answers really fast. The entire course is so interesting and gives you, in detail, all the tips that you will need to increase your potential and, if you’re willing, your own business. Today I am a Professional Image Consultant and I help women to take control of their image and increase their self-esteem. It was my dream career and now it’s my reality!!

Jo Johnniecia Corwise – St Robert, Northwest Territories Canada:

I was interested in offering etiquette consultation. Although I had been writing my business plan and services I would provide, I kept hitting road blocks. IAP was heaven sent! It helped give me the knowledge and credibility necessary to move forward with my goals. Thanks, IAP!!

Oluwatoyin Susan Njah – Ubeji, Nigeria:

I needed to take two professional courses on image and etiquette consultant. It was so convenient and very economical for me. I thank my God for giving me these opportunities as it was a breakthrough in career for me and gave me speed to get to the top. God bless IAP Career College.

Lizette Morales, Beauty and Image Consultant – Miami, Florida USA:

Quick and direct guide from A to Z. It’s all I needed to strengthen my career in business. IAP Career Certifications are highly recommended, the course are very easy to understand and follow. If you already have a career but need to strengthen your knowledge you will find accurate information from the IAP experts.

Simeon Steven Ugonna – Ikeja, Lagos:

I needed to take a Business Consultant course as part of the requirement to register a consulting firm. No better way to get a certificate that is convenient and economical than IAP Career College. With the help of Almighty I was able to get 100% pass mark on my final exam. Not only did it help me in my professional life, it strengthened my knowledge. Thank you IAP Career College.

Amy Molthan – Oregon USA:

Thank you for the Genealogist course. It covered a lot of ground and made me feel much more well informed about what I needed to know to start my career as a professional genealogist. I am reading through the course a second time because there were so many resources and so much valuable information I need to read it again to make sure I am using it to the utmost degree. This saved me thousands to get me started.

Fadi Setabouha – Toronto, Canada:

I studied at IAP Career College for the Social Media Consultant Certificate, and my experience has been wonderful. I learned a lot during this certificate course. The management and faculty are very helpful, and the teaching material very modern and useful. Immediately after graduating with the Certificate, I was promoted at my current employer to be a Director of Social Media at ACFSM (Arab Center for Social Media).

Angelyn Ritt, Denver, Colorado USA:

IAP Career College made it possible to keep my mind busy during a shut down and give me the resources to start my own practice rather than continue waiting for the right time.

Sha Blackburn, Lakeville, Minnesota USA:

I am grateful to have found IAP Career College. Discovering their very accessible and affordable classes came at the right time in my life. I have enjoyed working through the class I have enrolled in and am looking forward to adding the skills into my business.

Steven Graham, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA:

Since enrolling in the Motivational Speaker Certificate Course Online, now that I’m almost done, I can say quite honestly that it’s very well thought out, researched, and overflowing with tips and helpful links for getting started in this career once the course is completed and the certificate is earned.

Lauren Solomon, Raleigh, North Carolina USA:

IAP was user-friendly and I really enjoyed that it was self-paced. I didn’t feel pressured and was able to retain the information. Support staff was responsive and helpful.

Patricia Maybury, Cork, Ireland:

I found my studies under the guidance of IAP Career College most beneficial and rewarding. The Certificate course I studied was informative and I found it easy to access all modules. I intend to study another course very shortly such was my great satisfaction.

Kimberly Canady, Orlando, Florida USA:

Great place to further your knowledge in a non-conventional career that you have always wanted to do at some point of your life. Happy that I was able to complete it at my own pace!

Adhietia Koesmadji, Silver Spring, Maryland USA:

If you like learning online and studying in your own pace, set your goals, buckle up and get ready, this course is amazingly good.

Marcia Williams, Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada:

I was not sure what to expect but I was highly impressed with the curriculum. The course is structured in a way that is academically equivalent to any university level accredited courses anywhere else that I have taken.

Patricia Baier, Bottineau, North Dakota USA:

IAP Career College has an excellent offering of coursework for the Pet Sitter Certificate. The information is very well presented and supplies, really, everything a person needs to know about pet sitting and about running a pet sitting business. I highly recommend the Pet Sitting Certificate Course Online for anyone considering starting a pet sitting business and even for those who are currently operating a pet sitting business.

Steven Helwig, Helena, Montana USA:

I have taken several IAP Career College courses. All have been well written and offered great advice on that topic. If you want to learn a new business and how to proceed to making it a valid business, then IAP Career College is the place to go. I highly recommend IAP.

Charlotte Witt, Middletown, California USA:

I took the Career Coaching course and found it to be both informative and detailed. I enjoyed the fact that it was a self-paced course and I had an opportunity to review the material more than once if needed. The ability to connect with advisors was an added plus.

Tanya Mattox, Detroit, Michigan USA:

I was pleased with the structure of the course and the ability to apply the knowledge immediately with the confidence of the certificate at completion.

Casey Johnson, St. Louis, Missouri USA:

IAP Career College provided fabulous content in a very digestible manner. I learned a lot and it gave me food for thought for creating the work I desired. I’d highly recommend their courses.

Emily Wehrle, Turnersville, New Jersey USA:

My experience with IAP Career College was very positive. I needed to take a class in Professional Organizing and this was an inexpensive and flexible way to learn more about my profession and receive a certificate to show what I have learned. The class gave me so much valuable information and the textbook was well written and informative. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Deborah Burrows, New Providence, New Jersey USA:

I appreciated the fact that the course was well structured and laid out for me to follow and complete in my field of interest. The information provided was very relevant and concise, which definitely equipped me to be knowledgeable in my field.

Katherine Klein, Makawao, Hawaii USA:

I had an amazing experience with IAP Career College. I earned my Florist certification in January 2021. The class was so informative. It was great working at my own pace and convenience. I would recommend them to anyone.

Arya Dhara, Singapore:

The administrative process was swift and simple. Notes, structure and assessment of the curriculum was comprehensive, straightforward and helpful. The entire online environment was focused towards optimal learning at one’s convenience.

Madison Jackson, Moore, Oklahoma USA:

The courses are affordable and self-paced which is great for my hectic schedule. The textbook is an easy read and is packed full of all of the information that I need to know to be successful. I absolutely love that this is available and will be enrolling in more than one course!

Charlene Gonzalez, Newark, New York USA:

I’m so grateful that I invested in the International Association of Professions! The price to start seemed too good to be true! I loved that I finished my online course at my own pace. I started April 4th & I passed my final exam (with a 90%) on April 20th! The Life Coaching course has boosted my confidence into becoming the best counselor that I can be. Thank you IAP!

Brinell Coelho, Breslau, Ontario Canada:

The Human Resources Consultancy certificate course gives practical tips to the student who is interested in HR Consultancy work and has worked or has had specialized training in the HR field. I highly recommend this course to even seasoned HR professionals.

Nicole Buenaventura, Montrea, Quebec Canada:

If IAP Career College has the course that you are looking to take, take it. I hesitated between several career colleges prior and choosing IAP was the best decision I had made. In 4 months, I had already completed 2 certifications and those won’t be my last. It gives you clear insights on the program you wish to learn and the schedule is adaptable to your lifestyle.

Janice Jackson, Arlington, Texas USA:

The experience was awesome. I liked how I was able to work at my own pace. If I had any questions, the response time was answered in less than 5 minutes. IAP is great when you want to learn from home while working your regular job.

Don Brown, Richmond, California USA:

I own and manage a travel agency and was interested in expanding my business model to include concierge travel services. The personal concierge course provided me with the information and tools needed to support the expansion of my business.

Anissa Picard, Martins Ferry, Ohio USA:

The End-of-Life Doula course was one of the best online study programs I have encountered. There was an extensive amount of professional information from leading women in this new field! This IAP course included many experts’ opinions and suggestions. That was truly wonderful to see! This is also a reference that I will keep throughout the rest of my new career.
You can go at your own pace and have plenty of guidance at succeeding on the exam. At any point you may also ask your instructor and questions. I thought this course was truly amazing!

Eric Lapensee, Sudbury, Ontario Canada:

I’m so glad I stumbled upon the Bookstore Owner Certificate through IAP Career College. All my life, I’ve been endlessly interested in so many subjects and thus considered and jumped from idea to idea, from traditional career to traditional career. Meanwhile, all I wanted to do is to choose a career which suited all of my interests at once or most of them at least. Each time I chose, I realized I love the idea of the career, not living the career itself. This is the reason I’m glad IAP exists, since it opened up so many more possibilities for careers I would have never knew where to begin. The fact that I’ve finally found the career which will suit me the most (Bookstore Owner), has given me peace of mind like no other option I considered in the past. I cannot wait to finish my business plan and open a bookstore! If you’re someone who wants to go down what is considered “non-traditional” career paths, then I highly recommend IAP to help you pursue your career.

Michelle Smith, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA:

Comparatively, these courses are affordable for those on tight budgets. They are informative and detailed, and address every aspect of startup and operation for each profession. The courses are long enough to get a great overview and perspective for working in the field, and they are full of information, yet classes can be completed as quickly as you have time to get through the materials. Being presented with a certificate of completion after testing with a passing grade is a plus for your business, as well as the option to use the IAP logo on your marketing materials. This, and the low cost of membership in an organization of professionals in your chosen profession is another way to prove your value and dedication to potential clients.

Casey Robinson, Greer, South Carolina USA:

I took a course for starting my own bed and breakfast. It was very informative as well as fun! It left me feeling very excited and encouraged about the prospect, plus feeling way more prepared! Sometimes you may have the right answers within yourself but to first discover them, you need others to ask you the right questions!

Vernell Clerkley, San Diego, California USA:

IAP college was a great way to expand your professional experience. Although I’m in the military, I was able to use the life coach certification and techniques I learned to help other military members achieve their goals.

Tracy Jayne, Clayton, North Carolina USA:

My sister had gifted me this experience for which I will be forever grateful!!! This course was a real confidence booster. I’ve decorated cakes and cupcakes as well as French pastries for quite some time. I have quite a following of people that request me to bake for them for Birthdays, Weddings, Events, etc., but I never felt comfortable charging the true value for my talent. This course outlines the worth of this Art and plugs you into resources I never knew existed. I was even able to speak with an awesome advisor during my studies that encouraged me all the way!!!

Michaela Monohan, Llion, New York USA:

I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of Social Media Consulting. I have my Bachelor’s in Journalism Communications and I wanted to take an additional education course to continue my learning. Finding this course offered through IAP Career College allowed me to pursue this goal, completely online and at a reasonable cost.

Renee Pender, Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA:

I have a full time job, a network marketing business, and I am trying to publish a book, so the fact that I finished this course in less than 8 weeks is amazing. The course was at your own pace and the text provided so much information that I will be referring to it regularly while opening & operating my flower business. I am glad I took this course, it provided information that I didn’t even realize I needed to know when starting your own business. I can say this was a great investment into my future.

Jurlyn Schlick, Crystal Lake, Illinois USA:

I wasn’t sure of taking an online class since I didn’t know what to expect. However, I am beyond excited and happy I took the class. Not only I learned it in my own pace but also, the modules itself are thorough yet exciting! Will definitely take more online classes from IAP. Highly recommend!

Nancy J. Stobaugh, Elmwood, Illinois USA:

This is the full-service college experience that a busy student is looking for!! It’s very affordable and the staff is readily available for questions!! I have been very satisfied with this COMPLETELY online college experience!

Jewel Carter, Chicago, Illinois USA:

I completed the 6-week professional Organizer course in 8 DAYS!! The process was quick and easy and I learned how much I really knew instinctively. This course was developed in a way that made it easy to stay on track, the assignments were the perfect length and being able to go at my own pace made it so much simpler for me to finish the class earlier than expected! Well worth the time and financial investment! Looking forward to taking another course!!

Kabbiean Crossley Sullivan, Reston, Virginia USA :

This was an awesome experience, it not only taught me about the basics of an interior Decorator but gave me knowledge I could apply to the backend of my business, contracts, pricing what to ask a client in a consultation, how to make sure I got hired & how to give information that will keep the clients wanting more!

Thank you IAP!

Ambera Doucette, Colorado Springs, Colorado USA:

I recently started my own cleaning business and was looking for information to help me in becoming a successful business owner. I came across the cleaning business course offered through IAP college. It was very informational and easy to understand. I feel a lot more confident in running my business after finishing the course. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is thinking of starting their own cleaning business. Thank you IAP college.

Celestia French, Durango, Colorado USA:

I truly enjoyed the experience attaining my image consulting certification. The material was very accessible, interesting, and practical. I loved how much input they offered about breaking into the world of personal styling/image consulting both in the individual and corporate setting and felt ready to dive in upon receipt of my certification. I look forward to taking more of their courses. Highly recommend!

Tonya Jenkins, Plantation, Florida USA:

The class on becoming an etiquette expert met and exceeded my expectations. I walked away with a treasure box of resources and a strong sense of direction as to what it means to run and begin an etiquette business. I would highly recommend this course. You can’t beat the price for such a thorough experience. I plan on taking many more classes!

Ariana Silvera, Umatilla, Florida USA:

I love IAP! I took the Life Coach certification and I find myself using what I learned daily. I have seen myself, and those around me grow just by putting what I learned into practice.

Kari Miller, Ohsweken, Ontario Canada:

My experience with IAP Career College was exceptional! I loved how the courses get right to the main points and you learn so much in a short period of time.

Deanne Belote, Worley, Idaho USA:

I have been to a community college setting and have taken other web-based courses. IAP has been one of my favorite experiences by far. I have obtained valuable skills and knowledge and I am very excited to add what has been learned to my current skill set and knowledge base in order to succeed in my future career.

Getaldine Penn, Palm Bay, Florida USA:

If you are interested in finding your entrepreneurial niche in business, then IAP College is the best place to start off on the right foot. Their self-paced courses allow for you to be in control of your learning and to follow your dreams.

Rhonda Byrd, Norcross, Georgia USA:

Basically, I have been coaching throughout my career, and helping friends and acquaintances for ‘free’ to help get them on a better plan and path in their lives. I finally realized that I loved that, and wanted to develop a stream of income by doing what I know and love. Life Coaching seemed to be a good plan. So I searched how to be certified, and IAP Career College was, in my opinion, a path for me that would be suited to my time and financial commitment. Now, I am confident in what I need to do to begin a profitable Life Coaching business.

Hazel Hicks-Wyatt, Houston, Texas USA:

After taking the Professional Organizer course, I am confident, I am ready to start my own business. I also like all the references the course provides throughout the learning material. The self-paced capability is awesome. I have already seen another course that I am planning to take with IAPCC!

Murielle Roach, North Bay, Ontario USA:

I have 28 years in the business field. Once I decided to pay forward my success I did a lot of research for the best College to take a course from to be a Certified Coach. IPA Career College was my first choice. I was able to do my studies at my own pace and I earned my Certificate as a Life Coach. When I had questions there was always someone available in the chat room.

Priscilla Gonzalez, Miami, Florida USA:

The course prices were realistic and reasonable! And to access the chapters and exams were simple! Enjoying my experience and will definitely be applying for another course after this one.

Deborah Renee Cox, Ocala, Florida USA:

I found the completion of the interior decorating course to be an outstanding adjunct to the pursuit of obtaining a small business license and perusing a lifelong dream of being an interior decorator. I quickly fell into many opportunities of taking my skills to the next level. I have met so many wonderful people and have had an incredibly fun time making others feel good about their home and work spaces.

You can also read about IAP Career College in a 2015 article from the Better Business Bureau. The article says IAP Career College “offers online vocational training in non-traditional careers”, describes our parent company FabJob as an “Internet pioneer”, and explains why we chose the type of accreditation that we have.

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