Is it time for a new mouse pad? You can show your college pride by using the IAP Career College mouse pad.

    Did you know?

    Here are a few facts courtesy of online encyclopedia Wikipedia:

  • Mouse pads (or mousepads) are known as “mouse mats” in the United Kingdom.
  • The mouse pad was invented by Jack Kelley in 1969. The first mouse had been introduced a year earlier, in 1968.
  • It wasn't until 1983 that the term “mouse pad” was used. It was originally called a “CRT Cursor Control Mechanism Pad.”
  • Over the years, mouse pads have been made of many types of material including glass, wood, leather, stone, steel, and even recycled rubber tires.
  • Today, the most popular mouse pads (including the IAP Career College mouse pad) are made of rubber with fabric bonded to the upper surface.
  • A mouse pad can help you work with greater speed, comfort, and accuracy.
  • Mouse pads can also help prevent wear and tear on your desktop.
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