AMI Indigenous and Refugee Scholarships from IAP Career College

International Association of Professions Career College, also known as IAP Career College, is a proudly Métis-owned private college. Therese (Tag) Goulet, Academic Director, and Catherine Goulet, Chair of the Board of Trustees, are Métis — Aboriginal Canadians of mixed Native (Cree, Ojibwe) and European (including French) descent.

The name of our scholarship has two meanings. The letters AMI are short for: Aboriginal, Métis, and Indigenous. These letters represent the people the scholarship is provided by and for.

AMI also has a second meaning: “Ami” is the French word for “friend,” which is fitting, because we want scholarship recipients to share their stories about earning a certificate from IAP Career College with their friends.

IAP Career College is full of dreams, I don’t know exactly how else to describe this educational institution. Offering training in fields that are out of the ordinary yet relevant in more ways than one in today’s society. Thank you to the entire team at the IAP Career College; I am honored to have successfully completed my course, and would recommend IAP Career College to anyone thinking of perusing a non-traditional career path.

Sophia Huggins — IAP COLLEGE GRAD

About AMI Scholarships

The AMI Scholarship consists of free tuition for one IAP Career College basic certificate course of the scholarship recipient’s choice. If you are awarded an AMI Scholarship, you will receive:

  • Registration for one part-time online IAP Career College basic certificate course of your choice
  • The textbook(s) for the certificate course in e-book format
  • Access to a faculty member to provide you with up to three hours of personal teaching assistance and career advice
  • 2019-2020 membership in an international professional association for your career
  • Downloadable certificate personalized with your name and the seal of the International Association of Professions Career College which you may print upon successful completion of the course

Who May Receive the Scholarship

Scholarships may be awarded to up to 100 students per year who belong to either of these groups:

Refugees as defined by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Members of an Aboriginal, Native or Indigenous group in the United States, Canada, Australia, or other countries where Indigenous people are a disadvantaged minority according to Human Rights Watch

Not an Indigeneous person or refugee, but need financial assistance? Please see our FAQ page for some of your options.

We ask that scholarship recipients serve as an inspiration to others by sharing their story about earning a professional certificate from IAP Career College. This sharing of information can be done through any method of the scholarship recipient’s choice. Options include, but are not limited to:

  • writing about your experience in a blog post
  • posting a photo on social media (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • giving a talk for a group
  • writing for the IAP Career College website or newsletter
  • arranging for an article in a local publication about your scholarship and successful completion of the certificate course
  • any other way of sharing information about your successful completion of a certificate course from IAP Career College

Each scholarship recipient may be awarded the AMI Scholarship only once, for one certificate course offered by International Association of Professions Career College.